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DM Projects extentions

While building alterations and extensions are more cost effective rather than purchasing a new home, the gap is ever decreasing so it must be kept in mind that only by building from scratch will you obtain your ultimate dream home. Whether adding a granny flat, new bathroom, extra bedroom, veranda, en-suite bathroom or modernising your kitchen, DM Projects and Maintenance are able to offer you the solution.

Extensions and add ons need to be planned and designed accordingly, in order for everything to come together. Plans also need to be approved by your local council or comity, depending on where you stay and there are laws that may be in place in order to prevent certain extensions and add ons.

I am sure you dream of adding on to your home at some point? There is so much possibility and creativity available when thinking of extensions or extending anything in and around your household property. DM Projects would love to assist you in literally “building” your dream, in terms of adding on, so please consult with us and let us know what your plans are, and we can handle the rest.

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